Guidelines To A “Good” Waste and Recycling Management Firm: Part 9 – Account Management Team

A “good” Waste & Recycling Management Firm will include an Experienced Account Management Team. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to deal with an Account Management Team that never seems to know “what” is causing your issues, “how” to correct the issues, and who just doesn’t seem to understand “why” they need to follow-up with you in a timely fashion, you will understand why an Experienced Team is important. They will make a big difference in developing and maintaining a progressive program with minimal issues.

So, when it comes to Waste & Recycling Management Firms, what personnel should the Account Management Team consist of? This is a good question, and will vary “greatly” from one Management Firm to the next. With some Management Firms, the Account Manager will be the “only” Client-facing resource that is assigned. In other words, other than a generic Customer Service number, the Account Manager’s phone number is the only other direct point of contact the Client has. I’m sure it would not be hard to see how having so few resources could cause issues in not only timely communication, but also getting things done in a timely fashion. The Account Manager in this scenario only has so many hours in a day, so the person can only handle so many requests in a day. As can typically be the case, every kind of issue, including services issues, billing issues, etc., have to funnel through this position. This easily becomes a “choke-point” in getting things done or resolved. This scenario typically generates a lot of frustration for the Client.

What would be an example of the structure and resources for a “good” Management firm? Use the following as an example. Let’s start with Account Management. A “good” Management Firm will have both a Sr. Account Manager, and a Jr. Account Manager assigned to the Client. This allows for the Client to have access to more than one resource in this area. The Team will also include at least one person from each department (i.e. Operations Department, Accounts Payable Department, Accounts Receivable Department, etc.), as well as escalation contact information to senior members of each Department. In this scenario, the Client’s Team will have the contact information of each member of this Team. This type of structure is excellent from an efficiency standpoint. It allows for the right people to communicate on a consistent basis to quickly manage issues. For example, the Client’s Accounts Payable personnel are able to place a call to the Management Firm’s Accounts Receivable contact, to get their question or issue resolved right away. This is obviously much more efficient than everyone on the Client’s Team having only one point of contact.

So, just how experienced should an Account Management Team be? There is no one correct answer, but we can discuss guidelines. Since the Sr. Account Manager will most likely be overseeing the performance and future development of the Management Program, a good guideline is Industry experience of around 7 to 10 years, with the Jr. Account Manager following with 2 to 5 years of experience. It is also a good guideline for these positions to have been with the Management Firm for 2 or more years. Another good sign is if the other members of the Account Management Team (Operations, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.) have been with the Management Firm for 2 years or more. Again, this is just a guideline. If a “good” Management Firm has been growing, some of their Team members may be new, but always be sure that “key” personnel you are dealing with (i.e. Account Managers, Operations Personnel, etc.) have a significant amount of Industry experience, and have been with the Management Firm for at least a couple of years. This type of Experienced Team will provide a better chance for good Client experience.

Finding a Great AdWords Account Manager

There are a range of things an individual must consider when selecting a dependable, trustworthy, professional Google AdWords management service. When contracting out AdWords management you should consider these five factors when choosing your service. Understanding what to look for can assist you to make sure that you are getting the best manager you can and help you make sure you are receiving your money’s worth.

The value of split testing
Spilt testing has become key in lowering click costs and also key to obtaining much improved ad placement in Google. Numerous Google AdWords advertisers live and swear by split testing mainly because of the great impact it has on their own AdWords promotions. However there are lots of Google AdWords services which simply do not provide split testing because of the effort it takes to put it together for customers. There are also providers that offer split testing as being an add on service, and thus they charge extra money meant for split testing your advertisements. This is totally backwards and simply plain incorrect. If you have to pay to an service to handle the AdWords accounts, split testing should certainly be provided as an aspect of regular management without any additional fees. In the end split testing, is the answer to lowering your click costs and achieving greater ad positioning in Google.

Campaign Optimization
You had better ensure the AdWords management includes this. Campaign optimization is among the initial items which a skilled AdWords management service performs on your campaigns. Campaign optimization includes organizing keywords into quite closely knit, related adgroups. Google dislikes it when you include all your keywords filled into the exact same or only a couple of adgroups. Organizing the adgroups properly requires much time and a lot of skill however is a crucial element of making your AdWords campaigns achieve great relevancy.

The majority of AdWords management Service specialists realize that relevancy is a big part of creating AdWords campaigns successful, however only some AdWords management Services stress the value of relevancy for their clients. It takes a lot of work to create campaigns that possess perfect relevancy. If the management service doesn’t insure that the adgroups, your advertisements and your website landing page have ideal relevancy then you’re not getting your money’s worth of AdWords management. Google looks for relevancy and always benefits campaigns which perfect this.

You could have all the visitors in the world visiting your website, if your website can’t convert this traffic into sales what is the point? The one goal of your site is to convert visitors into sales and prospects. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a management service with knowledge about the conversion process. While most Google AdWords management Services may help get more traffic through AdWords, not many of these services assist their clients to enhance their web sites so they convert site visitors into product sales. Regardless, you should find a service that does both. Keep in mind, conversion is paramount to earnings.

Just what Training do the staffs undergo?
Continuing education is a big part of effective AdWords management. The Google AdWords world is often changing. If you are not regularly studying as well as spending money on education then you will easily fall behind. The most advanced Google AdWords Management Services invest tens of thousands of dollars in training. Never be reluctant to ask for evidence of continuing education. In the end it is your own funds at risk.